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Welcome. We’ve got something just for you -- and all of your best customers.

Hapzing is a mobile app that lets people track when and where their favorite things are happening. is the easy-to-use interface that lets anyone publish a schedule of activities on Hapzing. Get your events, specials and can’t-miss dates right in the hands of people who want to know.

Just scheduled a great band to play this weekend? New calendar packed with awesome events? Soccer schedule ready to go? Upload it all right here, on, and your biggest fans will get it on Hapzing today.

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It’s easy and free to get started. In fact, your business or organization might already be listed in the Hapzing app (we’ve worked hard to load up many of Cincinnati’s top businesses and venues.)

There is just one simple form to complete to get started publishing on Hapzing. Then, we’ll check our database to see if your profile already exists so we don’t create duplicate listings that could confuse customers. Then, we do a quick email validation to make sure you are the appropriate owner of that business. After that, you’ll be off and publishing.

The form takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and you’ll get access to our publishing tools within 24 hours. Get started now.

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It’s always free to publish events and activities…so you can keep loyal fans up to date with what’s happening.

Share anything – from happy hours, concerts, shows, church events, group outings, whatever you want your fans to attend – right here with

Start publishing today.

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Reach customers most interested in you when they’re in a decision-making mood.

Your activities go straight to the people most likely to attend. Cut through the clutter, and make some noise about your latest and greatest happenings. And pick up some new fans along the way.

Shout it from the rooftops. Tell your fans to track you on Hapzing and get more opportunities to share the great things happening. And get them back in the door more.

Start living with zing.